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The patient that has varicosity is in at ordinary times when dare not move in disorder casually, because everybody fears varicosity will be aggravating, the patient that has varicosity actually is OK of ran, can promote haemal circulation not just, the gas blood that can promote lower limbs more metabolizes, can increase sarcous to absorb, helpful to preventing varicosity.

Is varicosity OK ran?

Sufferred from varicosity, be can ran takes exercise. Varicosity reason is longLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Time stands the job, haemal deposit is in canal of lower limbs vein, blood circulates notShanghai noble baby

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Unobstructed. The best measure that prevents varicosity moves more namely. Ran can make activity of leg ministry muscle increases, extruding intravenous blood, make its flow more unobstructed, conduce to the refreshment of varicosity.

Is varicosity OK ran?

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1, varicosity of lower limbs of appropriate and inchoate longitudinal. Basically be often drive up lower limbs, wrap up with bounce bandage by day, or wear bounce socks.

2, avoid to stand for long, active activity lower limbs, make muscle systole, increase haemal circumfluence. Nurturance is daily take a walk, go quickly, the habit such as cyclist, ran. 3, a day lay down several times cross leg drive up high cardiac pose, can promote loop of leg ministry vein so.

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Is varicosity OK ran?

4, when sleeping every night, the leg proper block up, the pose that keeps the most comfortable can, do not make leg ministry because of this rigid.

5, music piece when weigh or having crus ulcer relatively, want lie in bed to rest,

6, the attention protects the skin, avoid to get hurt, notice foot and cleanness of leg ministry skin, cannot use water of high temperature of 40 degrees of above long bubble foot, avoid to suffer traumatic cause the skin to defeat;burst;ulcerate;fester.

7, maintain normal weight to cannot overweight, because overweight meeting makes,burden of leg ministry vein increases. Avoid to promote more than 10 kilograms heavy thing.

8, avoid smoke, wine and excitant drink.

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