Authoritative research organization: 16 years VR equipment sale will exceed 2.6 billion dollar!

VR is wide this year get attention, it is the expectation that stems from pair of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive greatly. Although did not disclose specific sales figures, the market studies company IDC estimates, sale of hardware of the VR on whole will be in 2016 rise steeply.

Those who be in SamSung, Suo Ni, HTC and Oculus company guide below, IDC predicts to end this year the end of the year, the total amount of VR hardware will achieve 9.6 million, and sales volume can be as high as 2.6 billion dollar. Remain new student article greatly considering VR, this is an astonishing number.

This kind of rapid growth may produce snowball effect, the person that game develops business and content creative work can notice so big assembly ground can bring what kind of potential benefit.

2016, the mainstream VR head that comes from Oculus, HTC and all alone Buddhist nun wears the shipment of equipment to measure add up to to be able to exceed 2 million, the vice-president Tom Mainelli of IDC equipment and monitor project says. Considering this amount, and the other firm such as SamSung is measured in the driving shipment of the product that rolls out later on this year, content starts writers will no longer shoot at random.

Video game has depended on Oculus Rift apparently, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR forestall his opponent by a show of strength, lewis Ward, the game of IDC studies chief inspector complements. Although problem of shipment of a few hardware must be in short-term inside get settlement, before believing these problems to be able to come in year end holiday, get settlement, exciting make your work newly people will bring about VR equipment to become purchaser people the new agitation that is oneself or family and friend choice gift.

In other words, all these inchoate hardware sales will make game develop business creation to give a few interesting content, this can cause more hardware sales conversely.

To 2020, IDC forecasts VR hardware shipment 64.8 million. The most important is, the HoloLens AR that resembles Microsoft (enhance reality) hardware will offer 45.6 million again.

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