Japanese children to is animation too act indecently towards? The likelihood is him heart no longer dinkum

General component is the cartoon that we know Japan general to, children to the animation that still the late night broadcasts, go up from the name solely we had known the measure of these animation, meet a little bit big to the animation measure that broadcasts with the late night commonly commonly. And Japanese children is arranged mostly to animation in Sunday in the morning or ferial dusk broadcasts, work limits include changes body beautiful girl and card are right the subject matter such as battle, but be to have stricter regulation on the measure of picture and content. The children that nevertheless however Japanese netizen puts forward to be full of bad suggestion recently to animation increasing, the parent cannot set his mind at to let a child watch these programs at all. This word causes the comment of other netizen one piece like that oneself, actually present compasses is made already a lot of stricter, everybody states because the heart of themselves cannot have watched animation purely,this is probably. . .

Two work that are call-overed to fill are ” Guang Zhimei’s girl ” newest animation and ” 12 years old ” . ” smooth beautiful girl ” close inspect a group of things with common features group basically be aimed at schoolgirl of low school year, thematic adopy the key such as the love that past series makes, friendship, dream. Although can appear,change the picture such as body picture or leg of female horn dew, but be gone up to be full of bad suggestion by the coronal, it is wretched name head even be to pass really.

” smooth beautiful girl ” change body picture, how can be such camera lens identified too act indecently towards? Look before us then are those to want to be decreased really ability?

Animation ” 12 years old ” adapt the girl caricature that produces from place of Er of dish of た of caricaturist ま い , the girl of 12 years old of this age layers is in depict the trouble that the regular meeting on human relation encounters. From the point of the angle of teenage body psychology, it is a work that is worth to discuss.

The boy girl that is in adolescence is opposite very easily the metabolic generation of oneself body is perplexed, or it is pair of love bosom longing. This is very normal thing, because reflected these not to suit dot,watched?

Other netizen response is in in those days 19:00 those who broadcast ” beautiful funny Mount Taishan ” also used stalk of more yellow jest, make to the compasses of animation now already very strict. ” Duo A dream ” often also appear static sweet the setting that enters bath. It is OK without an any animation to look so make all audiences satisfied, connect a countryman after all time detective Ke Na meets the name to be complained.

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