DICE states atelier will fall to assure with all one’s strength ” battleground 1 ” publish quality

Although the work of the streak before DICE ” strategic defense initiative: Front ” issue still be successful, nevertheless ” battleground 4 ” the catastrophic shadow when issueing returns hover to be on DICE head it seems that. Nevertheless atelier has expressed solemnly this, absolutely won’t follow the same old disastrous road.

When be the same as GamesBeat communication, ” battleground 1 ” presiding stylist Daniel Berlin states studio is first the stability of the work when the task assures to issue namely.

We know this meeting is not quite easy issue incident, we had prepared for a long time, berlin expresses, we are in issue ” front ” when performance is good.

We can roll out Beta fair measure will assure stability, we had drawn a lot of lessons from inside the incident before now, we can use the experience that we learn to apply ” battleground 1 ” in issueing.

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