Invitational tournament of first international horsemanship is about to hold Guizhou

Xinhua net Guiyang the Xue Xiaozhen of Gu Bing of strange predestined relationship that invitational tournament of first international horsemanship will reach 15 days to close mountain county to always be pressed down rather in Guizhou on July 14 will hold electric Guizhou Province on July 5, at the appointed time outside the high level caballero besides home, still 12 when come from Holand, United States, Italy to wait top class caballero take part in the match.

The reporter learns on press conference of 上海夜网论坛

5 days, the match project of invitational tournament of first international horsemanship is Guizhou Province obstacle individual surpasses field, divide in all for 80 – 90cm, 100 – 110cm, 110 – 120cm and 125 – 4 level and freeboard performance surpass 130cm. Among them, 125 – total stake of match of 130cm level only field is as high as 188 thousand yuan, among them champion will obtain 100 thousand yuan, runner-up 50 thousand yuan, Ji Jun 20 thousand阿拉爱上海同城

yuan. This field match bonus created home 125 – of record of 130cm level bonus new tall.

Besides caballero of domestic high level, the match is designed still wait from Holand, United States, Italy, Belgian, Germany invited 12 international top class caballero comes round to take part in the match, created domestic horsemanship match to invite foreign nationality to take part in the match likewise the record of caballero amount.


The match holds ground Guan Lingji along Gu Bing Xue Xiaozhen project always invests 380 million yuan, cover an area of 830 mus in all, total floor area is made an appointment w上海同城对对碰交友社区

ith 70 thousand Duopingmi. Small town combines sports and travel, it is besides ski, introduce element of the sports such as ho新上海贵族宝贝论坛

rsemanship, racing bicycle, red wine, recreation, culture. News briefing spot, college of爱上海同城手机版

made of baked clay agriculture, Suzhou goes straight towards Bai Sha of museum of culture of wine of international of Ma Hui of county of Shanghai the Tang Dynasty, Shanghai, Pakistan well-known company represents the much home country such as club of thunder racing bicycle type of Founder of project of as small as ice and snow town signs cooperative agreement. (Reporter Luo Yu)

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