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A lot of people always are masked to cate be absent, various cate are bought outside, always be very curious also, how is so delicate food made after all, the pancake that bake sells via regular meeting outside northern region especially, crisp, inside exceedingly tender, and still can add a lot of dish, the meeting is exceedingly delicious and delicate, is then the pancake that bake after all how make?

The practice encyclopedia of the pancake that bake

Scone of oven food pork


Pork rotten, baking powder, flour.

Flavoring: Oil of lardy, vegetable, salt, saccharic, unripe smoke, cooking wine, pepper, unripe pink.

Cake skin: From baking powder, lardy, salt, use warm water knead dough and knead the dough that does not stick a hand, put wake 20 minutes or so at the same time.

Short: Flour, lardy, salt, saccharic knead short and fractional piece. Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net

Pork Mei Yongsheng is smoked, oil of cooking wine, pepper, unripe pink, vegetable mixes divide evenly.

The practice encyclopedia of the pancake that bake


Press the dough that has waked the size divide into equal parts that wants to make cake, subsequently each cake matchs a small short to become a circle with rolling pole roll, wipe oil to put bake dish, oven warm-up 5 minutes, subsequently will crisp cake puts 220 degrees into oven 10 minutes to be taken out, turn over will gadarene one side is wiped on pork is rotten scatter on Zi like that pink, put 220 degrees into oven 10 minutes or so again, OK.

25G of 2G of pink of low pink 150G, soda, dry yeasty 4G, butter, CHEESE a small, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Salt is spoon of 1/2 of pink of essence of one small spoon, chicken, mincing chopped green onion a certain number of


1. yeasty dissolve mixes at Wen Shui divide evenly, mix next flour, soda, salt, CHEESE, salt and gallinaceous essence and chopped green onion knead dough.

2.Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Till,the dough that has kneaded is kneaded together with butter again loose.

3. becomes dough roll modelling of small area skin, modelling had better use special pattern here, if do not have useful cap,also become.

4. go up next oven, the temperature of the thickness that the time here treats your face skin and your oven will decide, because my oven is highest,go to 240 degrees, so I bake 7 minutes with 240 degrees enough, had better begin time to decide a bit less, so good control, lest was papered to finally.

The practice encyclopedia of the pancake that bake

[learn to do ” of dumpling of ” curry element with oven]

Raw material:

Flour of outermost layer of skin, low muscle 2 cup, salad are oily half cup, water half cup, short, , oil of cup of 11/2 of low muscle flour, salad half cups

Inside stuffing:

The bran that bake 5, Xianggu mushroom 4, yam half, soy 1 big spoon, curry powder pink of spoon of 1 big spoon, saline smaller part, element soup-stock half small spoon


Yoke 1, Hei Zhi hemp a few


1.After part outermost layer of skin, short and becoming dough, respective rub becomes strip state, cent is cut 26 wait for a small dough, wrap dough of outermost layer of skin into short dough to become crisp skin namely next.

2.The bran that bake cuts Xiaoding; Xianggu mushroom is used the base of a fruit goes after bleb is soft, cut Xiaoding; Yam cuts Xiaoding.

3.Burn heat 3 big spoon are oily, fry Xianggu mushroom man first sweet, man of the rejoin bran that bake, yam man mixes fry even, join curry powder to be fried together then sweet, join pink of soup-stock of soy, salt, element to flavor to be become namely finally inside stuffing.

4.Take a crisp skin, rod of the face that use roll gently roll opens one small wafer, furl strip, down strip direction again roll leaves, roll into is small piece, the roll after squash becomes circular state, all crisp skins are operated euqally.

5.Go to dip of the stuffing inside 1 big spoon among round crisp skin, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
To to fold, the brim is held piece lacy into dumpling shape, the yoke fluid of the break up on exterior daub, scatter on a few black sesame seed.

6.Shanghai night net

A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Warm-up oven comes 180 ℃ , curry elementShanghai Long Feng forum

Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble
Dumpling is put roast 20 ~ 25 minutes, bake to the surface golden can.

When roast mug-up, oven must beforehand warm-up, when baking mug-up so, time won’t be lengthened, bake the mug-up that come out also won’t because of be heated not all and influence exterior, fail even.

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