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For the person that drinks boiling water to liking, soup has tomato carrot rich nutrition, and the way is simple, contain rich vitamin material. Mix tomato first shape of carrot wear mud, both put together it is OK to add water to be boiled with conflagration. Different food has different nutrition, and tomato has a lot of cannot the food of a collective edible, eat carrot to had better not drink for instance, can bring about liver damage is serious.

 Tomato carrot soup

Tomato carrot soup basically is a food boiling water, basically feeding capable person is carrot and tomato


1. carrot is cleaned clean, the agitate after float of flay; tomato irons flay becomes juice.

2. grinds carrot slimy shape with rasp.

A few soup-stock is entered in 3. boiler, put carrot mud and tomato juice, boil with conflagration, arrive squashy hind can flameout.

Tomato carrot Shang Jiankang hints:

1, carrot: Carrot can offer rich dimension A, can promote airframe to grow normally progenitive, keep epithelial tissue, prevent respiratory tract infection and carry vision nyctalopia of normal, cure and small hole are dry the function such as disease. Still can enhance force of human body immunity and the action that fight cancer at the same time, can ease the reaction changing cure of cancer patient, have protective effect to a variety of viscera. The woman eats carrot to be able to reduce the amber acid potassium that the; of incidence of a disease of ovarian cancer contains inside carrot additionally, conduce to prevent hemal sclerosis, reduce cholesterol, have certain effect to hypertension of prevention and cure. Carotene can keep clear of the freedom of the consenescence that send a person base, contains B a group of things with common features vitamin and dimension C also have the embellish skin, effect that combats consenescence. Additionally naphtha creates its balmy flavor, can promotional digest, have antiseptic effect.

 Tomato carrot soup

2, tomato: Tomato now already is many person table those who go up is delicate. Tomato contains a lot ofvitamin of rich carotene, B a group of things with common features and dimension C, among them vitamin P content is the coronal of vegetable, have to the heart and vesselsLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Protect action, can reduce the show effect of heart disease. Rich tomato red element can be cleared freedom radical, prevent Nick of prostate cancer; to be secreted of acerbity tenability gastric juice normally, the formation of stimulative erythrocyte, benefit provides mural flexibility and protective skin at carrying blood. Tomato is juicily, can diuresis, nephritis patient also appropriate edible. Eat tomato to still be had more at the same time fight anile action, can make the skin maintains Bai Xi.

 Tomato carrot soup

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1, carrot: Wine and carrotFall in love with the sea

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Unfavorable feed together, can cause a large number of carotene and alcohol to be entered togetherLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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IntoLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Human body, and toxin produces in liver, cause liver disease; is additional turnip advocate have diarrhoea, carrot is fill, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Had better not feed together with both.

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Eggplant: Tomato avoid and pomegranate, crab, Popsicle, yam, liquor, pork liver, cruelly oppress is fed together.

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