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Bovine butter cake is the practice of a kind of common cake, prepare even besides low muscle flour oneSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Some butter, want to prepare additionallyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Egg, yeasty pink and Bai Sha candy, if there is face charter flight in the home, can be made with bread machine, of course if have ovenLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, do with oven the meeting is betterer, its practice is more, can undertake making according to oneself mouthfeel hobby, we will read the content of this respect.

 The practice encyclopedia of bovine butter cake

The practice encyclopedia of bovine butter cake


45g is saccharic, 45g butter, flour of 50g low muscle, 15g milk, an egg, yeast pink a few


1>A household utensils installs milk (15g) , take a stainless steel bowl additionally outfit is saccharic (45g) and butter (45g) , put into electric a pot for steaming food to heat 2 minutes together;

2>Its activation such as yeasty pink is put in the milk that has heated, will heat the candy of bate and butter hit divide evenly; with eggbeater

3>The egg is added in the candy that has made and butter (a) , hit divide evenly to become burnt; with eggbeater

4>The milk that already put yeasty powder is added in paste, join low muscle flour (50g) , hit divide evenly to become ropy burnt; with eggbeater

5>The burnt paste such as dormant quarter ferments slightly, oven; of 170 degrees of warm-up

6>170 degrees bake 25 minutes.

 The practice encyclopedia of bovine butter cake

Small hang

A>Electric a pot for steaming food is more practical than microwave oven those who go to the lavatory is good east, hot at ordinary times food heats up a meal, butter of the bate when becoming cure heats up milk;

B>Small dynamoelectric eggbeater is very practical, hit divide evenly, save time and effort;

C>The metage tool that bake uses, it is quantity spoon normally + electronic balance, to me for this dawdler, clean out treasure to buy more convenient, do not take a place, need not measure the; that heavy what weighs again again

D>Low muscle flour need not search designedly, normal wheat flour and corn flour are bought in the supermarket, according to 2:1To 4:1Right-and-left scale mixes, specific scale sees the white that buys, tried a few times to know; more

E>The temperature of small oven can compare what cookbook explains to hit low 5-10 to spend, because of small oven actual temperature is normally some higher.

 The practice encyclopedia of bovine butter cake
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Practice 2


(A) 250 overcomes an oxFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Oily, 180 grams spun yarn candy

(B) 4 egg

(C) 250 gram, 2 small spoon 30 Kezhi person pink

(Delicacy of D) 4 big spoon is suckled, buddhist nun of 1 small spoon cloud is pulled

(Cocoa of E) 1 small spoon, essence of coffee of 1/2 small spoon, hot water of 2 big spoon agitate divide evenly


1) (A) with slow fast mix dozen even, reoccupy middling speed mixes hit to loose hair.

2) adds the first egg, mix divide evenly. Every add an egg to must be hit to completely even,

3) continues to mix hit into smooth butyric shape.

4) general flour, times doubler person pink of baking powder and Zhi puts a bowl to mix all.

5) cent is joined 3 times (C) , slow fast mix divide evenly.

6) joins bright grandma and Yun Ni to pull finally mix divide evenly.

7) cocoa and Fei essence add divide evenly of hot water agitate.

8) leaves a few panada, join (7) , mix even.

9) pours the panada of one spoonForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Enter paper cup.

10) pours panada of one spoon cocoa again on on former panada, wipe smooth.

11) sends oven, bake about 25 minutes with 180 degrees can.

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