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Longan is people thinks most a kind of food of filling body. But eat longan to also need to notice, because some food match together,do not suit. Cause a disease easily so, other perhaps askForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Problem happening. And the effect of longan is bigger, just must reasonable use. Longan also can not eat at random, can other secondary action happens, longan and what photograph are overcome so?

Longan and what photograph are overcome

Longan cannot eat together with what

Longan of the 1st pace + big turnip: Big turnip is common vegetable, but officinal but edible attribute is cool, can treat dyspeptic, suitable gas to wait, but with longan together edible can cause the body unwell wait for a symptom.

Longan of the 2nd pace + watermelon: Watermelon is cool sex fruit, have diuretic effect, suit burning hot summer edible, but combinative longan eats together can cause the undesirable symptom such as diarrhoea.

Longan of the 3rd pace + banana: Banana is cold sex fruit, contain a lot ofthe nutrient composition such as protein, saccharide, often edible has hairdressing to raise colour effect, combinative longan together edible can be brought about have vomit and diarrhea wait for harmful response.

Longan of the 4th pace + gram: Gram is one of common legume, have the effect such as clear hot reduce internal heat, alone edible value is high, but with longan together edible can cause temperatureShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Reduce, the reaction such as body empty accentuation.

Longan of the 5th pace + lotus leaf: Lotus leaf can be fedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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With, flavour is delicious, value of alone edible nutrition is very high, but combinative longan eats to be able to cause body Xu Han to wait for a symptom together.

Longan and what photograph are overcome

Longan appropriate and what eat together

An edible such as longan appropriate and egg, medlar, soft-shelled turtle, lily, rice, quail, lotus seed, green tea.

Longan of the 1st pace + egg: Egg renown chicken egg, its contain rich cholesterol, nutrition is rich, knotForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The longan that adds up to nutrition to abound together edible can fill gas raises blood.

Longan of the 2nd pace + medlar: Medlar can call medlar again, the gender makes the same score flavour pleasant, but bubble water, but edible, can raise lung of embellish of kidney grow liver, with longan together edible has fill the effect that gas of lienal beneficial kidney, beneficial raises a heart.

Longan of the 3rd pace + soft-shelled turtle: Soft-shelled turtle is value of a kind of nutrition is very high taste into Bu Jia, contain rich calcium, phosphor, natrium, iron to waitSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forumShanghai Long Feng forum

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Person weight wants an element, combining longan together edible, kidney of filling taste, grow raises the effect such as lung.

Longan and what photograph are overcome

Longan of the 4th pace + lily: Liliaceous valve but edible, flavour is delicious, have the effect that prevents cancer to fight exhaustion, combinative longan reachs the action that treats insomnia since edible together.

Longan of the 5th pace + rice: Rice is one of common staple food, high protein, low adipose, low quantity of heat, combine longan together the effect that edible has filling vigor.

Longan of the 6th pace + quail: Quail flesh has very rich nutrient edible value, it is pleasant of smooth sex food, flavour, gas of the beneficial in can filling, detumescence reduces weight, auxiliary longan together edible has the effect that raises kidney of beneficial of heart and stomach, filling liver.

Longan of the 7th pace + lotus seed: The child that lotus seed is lotus but edible, the gender is smooth small acerbity, avirulent and OK clear heart wakes lienal, supplement each other with longan have the effect that raises a heart to calm the nerves.

Longan of the 8th pace + green tea: Green tea has a state of drink say, disappear is fed expectorant, go fat reduces weight, clear heart removes irritated effect, combining longan together the effect that edible has anaemia of filling serum heat, precaution.

Longan of the 9th pace + angelica: Angelica but officinal, also but edible, sexual Wen Weigan, have nourishing effect, can fill aperient, regulate the menstrual function fights bowel of gas invigorate the circulation of blood, embellish cancer, combining longan edible, can rise to enrich the blood the action of filling gas.

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