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The tortoise also is called soft-shelled turtle or snakeheaded fish, very common in the life, and the tortoise can use Bao soup edible, taste not only very delicious, and contain many nutrient element among them, with microelement, often edible can enhance power of individual body immunity effectively, also can have nourishing effect to the body at the same time, right healthy have very auspicious place, and the means that the tortoise boils boiling water has a lot of, can match with ginger Bao soupForum of Shanghai night net

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, OK also boiled in clear soup.

Snakehead boils the practice encyclopedia of soup

The tortoise boils the practice encyclopedia of soup

Soup of ginger silk mullet


Snakehead piece 3, jiang Si is right amount, garlic bolt is right amount, salt is right amount, wine a few, salad oily a few, water 1000CC


1, snakehead is abluent reserve.

2, explode with salad oil sweet Jiang Si.

3, after boiling into water, put snakehead piece.

4, the alcoholic drink that joins a few.

5, boil garlic bolt and salt are put to flavor again after 5 minutes can.

Snakehead boils the practice encyclopedia of soup

Snakeheaded fish soup


Snakeheaded fish, salt, liquor


1, snakeheaded fish is abluent cut paragraph.

2, boiler burns heat, oily, put a fish paragraph, small fire simmer in water fizzles out to two sides gold color can.

3, enter right amount cold water, enter the liquor of a few, first conflagration again medium baking temperature.

4, piscine soup is boiled to grandma white, add salt to flavor can.

The nutrient value of snakehead

The nutrient value of snakehead is very high, according to determining, mullet of every 100 grams contains protein 19.8 grams, adipose 2 grams, not saturated fatty acid occupies 60% ~ 70% , still contain a variety of a variety of vitamins, amino acid and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait. Vitamin of B a group of things with common features can prevent the disease of nerve respect to happen, also be helpful for metabolism. The amino second sulphur of snakehead is acerbity besides can help maintain optic nerve health, also can reduce the cholesterol inside body, prevent hypertensive, heart disease effectively.

Snakehead boils the practice encyclopedia of soup

The nutrient value of snakehead is very high, a variety of 10 diseases such as nephritis, pneumonic to acute, sore throat all have curative effect, it is dietotherapy and nourishing beautiful are tasted, and snakehead flesh is qualitative delicate, spur is very few. Its nutrition is very rich, contain a large number of protein, taller than what chicken and beef contain protein.

Protein content is higher, amount to 19.5 grams, adipose content is less, prep above of the quantity that contain calcium is other piscine content, still contain a variety of vitamins and inorganic salt. Snakeheaded fish still contains acid of ammonia of melon ammonia acid, filar ammonia acid, egg to wait for a variety of 10 dissociate amino acid. Structure of organization of protein of snakeheaded fish flesh is loose, easy be digested to absorb by human body, it is the food with appropriate weak of children, senile body.

The effect of snakeheaded fish and action

1, fall blood pressure

Snakehead contains rich much not saturated fatty acid, the cholesterol of high density lipoprotein that makes adipose metabolism is helped inside human body (HDL) content increases, the cholesterol of low density lipoprotein that reduces your blood-vessel block (LDL) content, avoid adipose accumulation to be on hemal wall, have thenForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Beneficial at controlling blood pressure.

2, protect a heart

If the much not saturated and adipose acid value in human body blood is too low, will increase the risk that contracts heart disease: If its content under human body all fatty acidShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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4% , the risk that has heart disease death is very high. The content of much not saturated fatty acid of snakehead is higher than other edibles, because this is right amount,eat snakehead to be able to protect a heart.

3, compensatory nutrition

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Snakehead nutrition value is high, very comfortable formfitting system is frail, small albumen1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Deficiency of vital energy of hematic disease, taste, hidebound, anaemic person edible.

4, prevent cancer to fight cancer

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EPA of contains not saturated fatty acid and DHA, can reduce cholesterol effectively, increase beneficial to human body high density lipoprotein, stalk of precautionary cardiac muscle dead, arteriosclerosis happening, also have the effect that prevents cancer.

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