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Need those who drink milk to include two kinds of big crowds most, it is dot and senile crowd respectively, above all, dot and old people are short of calcium easily, next, the harm that dot and old people are short of calcium is very great, for instance dot is short of calcic meeting to affect the growth of the body, it is easy that additionally old people is short of calcium occurrence osteoporosis is waited a moment, the female during returning pregnant having a bosom also needs to fill very muchLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Calcic, so firm can the mom that give birth to the child drink milk?

Just gave birth to the child to you can drink milk?

Just gave birth to the child to you can drink milk?

The puerpera can drink milk.

The puerpera drinks the advantage of milk: Milk nutrition is rich, the calcium that contains in milk pledges and protein is what human body needs. The puerpera drinks milk, can help the body restore already, can complement again body calcium is qualitative, if be mother milk feed, also can increase lactescence, pass thereby galactic the calcium that will offer darling place to need.

The puerpera drinks milk to need to notice: Milk belongs to food of not easy digestive, the mom that just labors or1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Unsuited drink milk, should when after alvine line function restores gradually, drink again. Just began to be able to be drunk less a bit, increase an amount gradually everyday next, slowly reach normal volume, won’t cause a few negative effects to intestines and stomach so. Need to notice additionally, the puerpera does not drink cool milk, after heat passes, milk must be drunk again. Have not restore because of puerpera body complete, do not suit to eat cool food, cool milk is big fear more. Drink cool milk butShanghai noble baby

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Can meet bring about diarrhoea, the body that affects pregnant woman thereby restores to reach what the body pledges to the nurture in milk to absorb.

Just gave birth to the child to you can drink milk?

It is possible mostly, more pretty good still, such word more be helpful for postpartum body restoring, because contain rich protein and collagen protein. The word to moment can choose pregnant woman milk powder, opposite for can betterer.

Just gave birth to the child to be able to drink milk, had better be nevertheless after waiting for oneself to leave hospital, won’t be to just issued operating-table to be drunk, milk contains rich nutrition, can help treasure Mom seasonable refection.

Adult drinkable, want be normal temperature only with respect to drinkable, baby is born to if do not have a mother to breed,can give darling to drink powdered milk of recipe of a few babies later, wait for breast having a parent or drink mother milk to had been compared.

Just gave birth to the child to you can drink milk?

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Cause the cause that darling catchs a cold, estimation is strength of small treasure body lower, the closest perhaps oneFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Paragraph time catch cold catch cold the happening of this kind of appearance that the circumstance such as infection of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract causes normally small treasure is OK with milk need not exceeding is anxious. Giving a proposal is to the attention with this kind of OK and suitable case heat preservation avoids catch cold catch cold to be used to the child it is OK also that with catch a cold of a few quick results cold capsule perhaps applies elements of a few Luo Gong mildew to undertake take good care of sb go up to eat a few foods that enhance body constitution more in food at the same time proper drink a few milk.

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